Staircase in Shenzhen China leading up to a gallery space in a fine arts district.
A coat check area in a run down venue in Beijing China where bands and DJs play
A banner or wall covering depicts a serene and green future for China against urban decay and ruin.<
The exterior of an apartment building in wuhan, china has some interesting features such as a ladder and many flower pots.
A beaded passageway depits photographs of Marilyn Monroe as well as a beautiful Chinese model.
The front of an old storefront has become filled with trash and tarps.
A lone basketball hoop sits in en empty parking lot. Looks broken in but unused for some time.
A colorful wall creates a painterly pattern
A sketchy scene on a street corner in Wuhan, China, featuring some men on cell phones rifling through anonymous packages and three other men looking on. In the background a person riding a bicycle is wearing angel wings.
The side of an apartment building in Shenzhen, China is covered in drying clothes and miscellaneous items.
A green door sits in contrast to a pink wall in Shenzhen, China. The door is slightly ajar and filthy from being handled.
The lounge of a hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, decorated with neon chairs as well as mountain scene on canvas. Lit by strange flourescent lights.
An image of an outdoor table at a restaurant in Guangzhou, China, featuring a stack of brilliant pink napkins as well as cellophane covered plates and bowls. An old straw broom sits against the wall in the background.
A wall in Shenzhen, China, is lined with an array of chairs, as well as five perfectly placed mops.
A small alcove is filled with an assortment of random things, including a bicycle, a deep fryer, a few different types of mops, as well as some clothing and towels.
A wall in Guangzhou, China, displays a vibrant painting of General Mao.
A schoolyard in Shenzhen, China, is filled with playing school children.
The rear exterior of a building in Shenzhen, China, depits an unusual scene of some corn crops, mops, buckets, and carpets hanging out to dry.
The interior of a music venue in Shenzhen, China has an interesting geometric pattern of sound baffles that are painted a variety of colors. Along the wall sit a row of perfectly matched, but well worn, brown leather chairs.
A lone motorcyclist rushes across a landscape of an airport parking lot in Guangzhou, China. A small orange parking cone stands out as the only pop of color.
A night scene of a security guard sitting in his booth in Beijing, China. A few pedestrians are in the distance walking down a dark alleyway.
A night scene in Beijing, China, of a man climbing a brightly lit staircase.