A tattooed and pierced man sits with his baby on his lap in a protective embrace
A portrait of an aging man with deep lines in his face from years of working in the sun and on boats
A man stands in the wheelhouse of a boat in the Long Island Sound wearing full waterproof gear including bright yellow and orange gloves
An outdated thermostat sits on a white wall with the ability to dial into the Comfort Zone
A lovingly hand knit calendar hangs in the kitchen of a grandmother on Long Island, New York
A hand knit stuffed animal sits on a mixed color blanket.
One of the owners of a marina in Huntington, New York sits behind his desk and in front of rows of keys
The singer for the band mewithoutyou relaxes on their tourbus before a show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Sainthood Reps
A portrait of a mother in her front yard wearing a stained apron and a smile on her face
The setting sun sends light through a plastic curtain in the window of a bathroom creating a silhouette
A woman floats on her back in a lake near Big Moose, New York
An elderly woman sits on her couch in an outdated living room smilingly lovingly
A poster of one of the NASA space shuttles blasting off sits on a light green wall with fading and peeling paint
The wires of a telephone pole create a geometric pattern across a cold grey sky in Seattle, Washington
A portrait of Mac Huelster on a rooftop in Bushwich, Brooklyn, New York
Three mops stand against a wall drying out behind a restaurant resembling people
A portrait of the singer for hardcore band La Dispute, Jordan Dreyer, taken on a tour stop in Baltimore, Maryland
A woman sits on a couch with her dog by her side gazing out her living room chair
A leopard print outfit worn by a stripper in Seattle, Washington hangs in the doorframe of her living room
A woman stands in her bedroom wearing a faroff gaze as a part of her reflection shows in a dirty mirror
A tattooed man sits shirtless sipping an espresso at his kitchen table at his apartment in Florence, Italy